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Home Theater

A complete cinematic experience in your Baton Rouge home                                                  


Multi-room Music

Your favorite streaming service in every room                                          


Home Media

Control your media on one interface to simplify and enhance your daily experience


    Home Media

    Simplify your daily experience by integrating your media under one system. Your home media could include 4K televisions, outdoor entertainment, speakers and other AV equipment; which means too many remotes. We offer solutions that streamline your daily experience and allow you to control these elements with a touchscreen, smartphone, tablet, or single remote. Plus, you can expect the highest quality AV equipment that meshes with your lifestyle--from streaming services to hidden speakers. Whether you’re focusing on one room or whole home solutions, we’re here to help.

    Home Theater

    A dedicated home theater brings the cinema experience home. The entire space is optimized to maximize the viewer’s enjoyment of a film or music. We boost the audio with precise speaker placement and acoustic treatments to keep outside noise to a minimum. The seating is carefully chosen and positioned, so everyone has a comfortable spot and a clear view. Lighting control ensures the best picture delivery from your 4K HD projector. Your Prairieville home's theater system will be ready to impress.

    Multi-room Music

    Listen to your favorite music in every room of your home simply and easily. Control your audio intuitively through a touch panel, keypad, remote, tablet or smartphone. Install the speakers that work best for your New Orleans space. We offer solutions to hide your speakers in-wall or in-ceiling, or hidden in your home’s architecture to minimize the visual impact. You can also choose between wired and wireless options. When integrated with a smart home automation system, your music can take on new dimensions. For instance, use your audio as part of your security system; it can play a pre-recorded warning if an alarm is tripped.

    Multi-room Video

    With multi-room video, a single video source, like a Blu-ray player or satellite receiver, can be played across multiple televisions. This is done through a video matrix switcher. A key advantage is reducing the number of sources needed for every TV in your home. Let’s say you have an Apple TV in your bedroom; you can easily watch content from that source in the living room. Or, you can hide bulky equipment in the basement or closet and still watch all your favorite shows in every room.

    Outdoor Entertainment

    Give your home entertainment a breath of fresh air. Outdoor spaces should be an extension of your home, and, with a wide range of weatherproof solutions, they truly can be. Smart solutions from music and video to lighting control can be incorporated in your yard or patio. Outdoor speakers can mimic natural elements or hide in your flower beds. Install an outdoor television that minimizes the effect of glare, and bring movie night outside. Keep your party going into the night with lighting control to create an ideal evening ambiance.

    Wire & Cable

    As you add more smart technologies into your Baton Rouge home, a wiring strategy becomes increasingly important. We specialize in low voltage system design to help perfectly re-wire your home, install an entertainment system, or wire a computer network. We pay special attention to the aesthetics, placing wires in the floor, behind walls, or installed as architectural components of the home. We also focus on your system requirements to ensure the electronic infrastructure supports all your smart home control needs.

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