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5 Ways to Tighten your Home’s Security

How to Protect Yourself and your Family with a Home Security System

5 Ways to Tighten your Home’s Security

There is no question that technology has changed the way we live our lives. From the moment we get up in the morning, more and more of our daily experiences incorporate screens and devices. So, why not employ these new tools to secure your Baton Rouge, LA home? A complete home security system will not only integrate the most modern methods for a dramatic improvement in protection, but it will also be more convenient and easier to use than any traditional security method. If you want to learn about five specific ways to fortify and simplify your home security, read on.

Surveillance Cameras

Adding surveillance cameras to your property has some obvious security advantages. You can rest assured, since you will know everything happening in and around your house when you’re not around. A smart camera can be linked to your devices and stream live video to you wherever you are. When you cameras are connected to an integrated security system, your phone will alert you and stream footage of your home if something triggers an alarm.  You can also stream recordings to touch panels or TVs in your home, giving you that extra peace of mind before you turn out the light.

 Doorbell Intercoms

Consider this scenario: you are not expecting any visitors and a stranger rings your doorbell.  Add one more safeguard between you and them by conversing through an intercom, thereby determining who is at your door and why. Now, consider you’re away from home, and a friend comes over to give you something. Some smart intercoms can be accessed remotely, allowing you to greet your friend and provide instruction regarding the package.

 Smart Locks

Traditional keys can be a major hassle, especially when your arms are full of groceries, a fussy child, or an excited pet. Smart locks, which link to your mobile device, will remove the key fumbling portions of your day. You can just click unlock on your phone as you pull up to your home. However, these locks can also keep homes safer, as you can make sure the doors are locked while you are away.

 Smart Lighting

Light exposes the unknowns of the night, leads you home in the dark, and makes an empty house appear occupied. An automated lighting system provides you complete control over your home’s illumination.Let’s say, for instance, you’re going on vacation, you can create a lighting schedule that will make it appear that someone is home. If a burglar believes a home is populated, then they will be much less likely to target it. When you integrate lighting control with your security system, light becomes even more powerful. For example, motion detectors can be linked to flood lights around your home so that if someone is prowling outside in the middle of the night, the flood lights will illuminate the space and scare off the intruder. This way, light will work for you: discouraging unwanted visitors from moving forward and allowing you to see and assess the situation.

These smart security measures will help protect your home, provide you peace of mind, and streamline your day. Contact or call us today at 225-769-3040 for our Baton Rouge location or 504-393-9607 for our New Orleans office and we can start on a security system that’s right for your family. 

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