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Should You Include a Home Theater in Your New Construction?

Why a New Home is the Ideal Time to Build a Dedicated Theater

Should You Include a Home Theater in Your New Construction?

When creating a dedicated home theater, many factors can impact the quality of the audio and video. Therefore, it’s best to design the room around the home theater system. New constructions offer an opportunity to optimize the setup and reduce overall cost. If you’re a builder in the Baton Rouge, LA area, continue reading to discover four reasons why you should be including home theaters in your new constructions and why you should be working with a professional integrator.

Increase the Value of the Home

Adding a home theater system to a new construction does two things: helps your new construction stand out and increases your profits. Or at least, that’s what a study completed by the Consumer Electronics Association found. Eight out of ten builders surveyed include home theaters to differentiate themselves in the luxury market, and 35% found that this boosted their profits.

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Create an Ideal Theater Space

A true, dedicated home theater system is a space designed for optimizing the quality of entertainment. Homeowners trust that their home theater will provide them with a cinema-level audio and video experience for watching movies, playing video games or enjoying sporting events. That is why it is best to work with a space throughout the construction process. Before the walls have been closed up, a professional integrator, like Home Protection Systems, can install the proper insulating material to prevent too much sound from leaking in or out. We can also ensure that there is enough space to install speakers and subwoofers in the walls to enhance the look of the space. Plus, we can add architectural details, like a nook to house the projector in back, that bring the whole space together.

Develop a Cohesive Design Plan

By working with builders from the start, Home Protection Systems can ensure that all additional smart home technologies fit into the theater. For instance, home theater systems benefit from the addition of lighting control. We start with your blueprints and use them to determine our wiring plans and where we will place equipment. We can pre-wire the space for these systems and fulfill all of the technology needs at once.

Decrease Total Installation Time

By having these plans in place, we can decrease the total time and minimize the possibility of unexpected costs. There will be no need to go back and tear out walls or floors to install equipment or rewire. Plus, we won’t be undoing anything you have already completed. Working together from the beginning will help us finish the project on time and under budget, so potential buyers will only see the seamless finished product.


If you aren’t currently offering your buyer a home theater with their new construction, it might be time to start. Partner with a trusted integrator like Home Protection Systems to help you through the process and perfect the procedure. Contact us today. 

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